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6 Discreet places to pack your personal Fred Flask!

June 10, 2015 Fred Flasks

Looking to have a night out with Fred Flasks? Before hitting the road, here are 6 ways to store your newest party friend and drink what you want, wherever you want it. Gum boot it: From Australia Day in your backyard to the muddy mosh pit at Splendour in the grass, gum boots have long been a preferred shoe for partiers to stomp the mud in. When buying booties, usually there is a 'close enough' mentality when choosing the size, leaving plenty of room for a friend (or two) to slide in. This party season, invest in some professional merry-making shoe wear...

Free Product Baby! Claim a free Freddy Flask right now

May 18, 2015 Fred Flasks

Paying for shipping prices is always a bit of a bitch. It's the sneaky cost you’re slapped in the face with just after you've decided on what crap you're about to buy online. It's that feeling you get when the 'sweet' lady at the sushi store wants an extra 20c for wasabi. The burn in your chest when you think you're flirting well with the bartender but they ruin it by saying it's a $10 minimum on card... and you're trying to buy one drink. Being Freddy, I get that. And to be honest I can't do two shits about...

When Fred became Freddy

May 17, 2015 Fred Flasks

OK, so we've known each other for a while. We've partied together a couple of times, you've stalked me on Instagram and like most of the loose shit I post on Facebook. Basically, you like the way I roll. The feeling is mutual, so I think we've reached that stage where I can call you mate and you call me your great old mate Freddy Flasks. This has nothing to do with any schoolyard teasing against a beautiful man’s name like Fred. Nor does it have anything to do with an American water company threatening legal action and thousand-dollar bribes...

Why the Government and Music Festivals can't fight Fred Flasks, and 4 reasons why you should use him:

March 18, 2015 Fred Flasks

Just as someone finally answers our prayers with a solution to overpriced festival drinks of course The Man try’s to tear him down. But Fred won't be shackled or exiled by the Nanny State because, like Mel Gibson, Fred fights for Freedom.    In case you are unfamiliar with his cause, Fred is a refillable, recyclable, disposable flask sold for the tiny fee of as low as $2.50 a pop and created by a company run by some good-hearted Melbourne boys. Fred typically allows you to hold 240mls (8 shots) of your favourite type of orange juice... or lemonade... or...

It appears not everyone is stoked on Fred Flasks

March 02, 2015 Fred Flasks

Aussie Company Wants You To Sneak Alcohol Into Festivals & Gigs A Melbourne-based start-up company is encouraging Australian music lovers to sneak alcohol into festivals, licensed venues and sporting events in response to what they see as excessive alcohol prices. Fred Flask Pty Ltd is currently selling disposable pocket hip flasks, called ‘Fred Flasks’, around Australia and have embarked on a social media advertising campaign — despite objections from festival organisers and the government. The marketing line says punters will “save cash” and give them the “Freedom to drink what you want, anytime, any place, anywhere.” “Not only did I lose my...