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10 of Fred's favourite cocktails.

January 23, 2015 Fred Flasks

Vodka, rum or tequila based, to wine spritzers and espresso martinis, cocktails are always a hit at parties. Fill your pocket disposable Fred Flask with your choice of spirit, wine or liquor and have it on hand to carry to your next event where cocktails are to be made! Double Black Comet           A sweet sugary high to kick start your Saturday night with. What You'll Need: 30 ml Smirnoff Double Black 60 ml pineapple juice 10 ml blackcurrant or blackberry syrup/cordial 1 lemon wedge A splash of soda water   Create Your Cocktail Combine all...

Freddy goes to Falls Festival

January 15, 2015 Fred Flasks

Oh Fred, thank god you're here. Not only was the 5 night camping festival $450 before seeing one smelly Byron hippy, but with flights, petrol, and all the extra tent gear (tree-hanging shower anyone?), everyone is looking to save a buck. Enter Frederick, your alcoholic mule helping campers smuggle in Jack, Jim and all your other friends needed for a good time.  Whether strategically placed at the bottom of your esky or stuffed down your front jocks, Fred has the flexibility to bypass any front door security. For a group of 7 punters an overall sum of 28 spirit bottles...

How to Fred Flask - Fred Etiquette

October 28, 2014 Fred Flasks

The Fred Flask, your little secret drinking buddy hidden away from public view, is perhaps one of the great unsung fashion accessories a man or woman can carry. Sure, some might think you’re cheap or in need of Alcoholics Anonymous but Fred frees you from ruthless bartenders, overpriced drinks and the laborious task of carrying a traditional metal bulky flask around town. And in uncertain economic times, Fred lets you drink what you want when you want it and with whom you want for less money. Nevertheless, there is such a thing as flask etiquette, which is wise to observe.  Otherwise, honestly, you could go from...

Fred's 5 Favourite Cocktails

October 20, 2014 Fred Flasks

There are many cocktails and mixed drinks that you can make, but there are a handful that are necessary to building a true, classic cocktail experience.   The below 5 cocktails are Fred's favourites. 1. The Dry Martini The Martini is typically the first cocktail many people think of when it comes to "fancy" drinks. While many neat drinks are typically referred to as "martinis" and come in every colour and flavour imaginable, the true "Martini" is simply comprised of gin and dry vermouth with either an olive or lemon twist garnish. ...


March 17, 2014 Fred Flasks