Fred Flasks – Fred Flasks | Disposable flasks for any occasion.



Fred is a flask, that will become your best friend when it comes to drinking. Fred gives you the freedom to drink what you want anytime, anywhere.

Say NO to overpriced drinks, and have a drink with Fred instead.

Here's 5 reasons why every year 1000s of people turn to Fred instead of buying drinks at the bar.

    1. I'm a cheap bastard. I'm priced under $3 each when you buy a pack of 10 flasks. That's a whole lot cheaper than paying $10 a shot, when you can fit 8 shots inside me.
    2. I'm discreet. Stash me anywhere and nobody will know. Pop me in your handbag, in your pocket, down your pants or even nice and snug in your bra - I don't mind.
    3. I'm damn durable, I won't leak, pop or tear. I'm made of quality BPA free plastic, and ready to be used, abused and then reused.
    4. I'm as flexible as a contortionist. I pack flat when empty, so when you're done with me, pop me in your bag, pocket, or even roll me up.
    5. I'm as light as a feather. Unlike bulky aluminium or hard plastic flasks, you won't even know I'm there... and neither will security 😉 

My greatest feature is my reusable nature. 100% BPA free, means I'm good to use over and over again, yet cheap enough for you to dispose of when you're done with me.

Buy me now before it's too late.