FAQ's – Fred Flasks | Disposable flasks for any occasion.


How do you use me?

  1. Unscrew my cap.
  2. Blow into my body to expand me fully.
  3. Fill me with absolutely whatever you want.
  4. Tighten my cap.
  5. Hide me somewhere. See 6 places to pack Freddy Flasks on your persons here.
  6. Pour, Drink, and Enjoy!

How many drinks will I get out of Freddy?

A standard shot/standard drink is typically 30ml of liquor (A little smaller in the UK a little larger in the US) which means if you fill me to my capacity, you should get approx. 8 shots/standard drinks out of me.

How much money will Freddy save me?
Let's have a look at a few options.
Without Fred.
8 drinks @ a bar/club/game... $8 each = $64
8 drinks @ a festival... $10 each = $80
Round of 8 shots... $9 each = $72
With Fred.
8 mixers @ $2.50 each = $20
Fred Flask @ $3.99
700ml of Alcohol = $30 / 3 (233ml) = $10
Total Cost = $33.99 
OR for a round of shots
Fred Flask @ $3.99
700ml of Alcohol = $30 / 3 (233ml) = $10
Total Cost = $13.99
TOTAL SAVINGS: $30.01 - $58.01
Are Freddy Flasks recyclable?
You bet. In fact I'm kind of trashy! I even have a tramp stamp on my backside that tells you to recycle. Use, abuse and reuse me, however if you only see me as a one night stand, dump me in the bin and remember our night fondly.
Can i reuse Freddy?
Provided I get treated well on our first date, I' be more than happy to progress to a second or even third date. I'm not one for long term relationships though, so after two, three or maybe four big nights out on the town, I'm usually worn out and ready to hang up the disco boots.
Is Freddy BPA free and safe for me to use?
All Freddy Flasks are 100% BPA free.