How do you use Fred?

  1. Unscrew cap
  2. Blow into the flask to expand fully
  3. Fill with whatever contents you please
  4. Tighten cap
  5. Stash (Don't worry, Fred is highly durable)
  6. Pour, Drink, Enjoy!

How many drinks will you get out of one Fred?

A standard drink is typically 30ml - which means if you fill Fred to his capacity, you should get approximately 8 standard drinks out of him.

Is Fred recyclable?

You bet.  In fact all Fred Flasks are printed with the recommended recycle logo, we urge you to dispose of your Fred Flask correctly once you're done with him. 

Is Fred reusable?

Indeed.  If Fred is cleaned and flushed after use, he can go again multiple times.  However, after 2 or 3 nights out, Fred is ready to hang up his disco boots. 

Is Fred BPA free?

All Fred Flasks are 100% BPA free.