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How do you use Fred?

  1. Unscrew Fred's cap
  2. Blow into Fred to expand him fully
  3. Fill Fred with favourite alcohol (Use The Fred Funnel for optimal results)
  4. Tighten Fred's cap.
  5. Pop Fred in your pocket or handbag (Or for extra discretion (Fred doesn't mind being cheeky) pop him down your pants or even in your bra strap)
  6. Pour, Drink, Enjoy!

How many drinks will I get out of Fred?

A standard drink is typically 30ml - which means if you fill Fred to his capacity, you should get approx. 8 standard drinks out of him.

How much money will Fred save me?
Let's have a look at a few options.
Without Fred.
8 drinks @ a bar/club/game... $8 each = $64
8 drinks @ a festival... $10 each = $80
Round of 8 shots... $9 each = $72
With Fred.
8 mixers @ $2.50 each = $20
Fred Flask @ $3.99
700ml of Alcohol = $30 / 3 (233ml) = $10
Total Cost = $33.99 
OR for a round of shots
Fred Flask @ $3.99
700ml of Alcohol = $30 / 3 (233ml) = $10
Total Cost = $13.99
TOTAL SAVINGS: $30.01 - $58.01
Are Fred Flasks recyclable?
You bet.  In fact all Fred Flasks are printed with the recommended recycle logo, we urge you to dispose of your Fred Flask correctly once you're done with him.  Like most men, Fred is happy to be used for a one night stand.
Can i reuse Fred?
Provided Fred gets treated well on his first date, he's happy to progress to a second or even third date.  Fred's not one for long term relationships, so after two or three big nights out on the town, Fred's usually worn out and ready to hang up his disco boots.
Is Fred BPA free?
All Fred Flasks are 100% BPA free.

Yours Truly,