Shipping – Fred Flasks | Disposable flasks for any occasion.


Paying for shipping prices is always a bit of a bitch. It's the sneaky cost you’re slapped in the face with just after you've decided on what crap you're about to buy online.

It's that feeling you get when the 'sweet' lady at the sushi store wants an extra 20c for wasabi. The burn in your chest when you think you're flirting well with the bartender but they ruin it by saying it's a $10 minimum on card... and you're trying to buy one drink.

Being Fred, I get that. And to be honest I can't do two shits about it. 

But all we're trying to do is party right? So here's what I can do.

Deliver your flasks anywhere in Australia within 5 business days for just $4.95. Better yet, if you buy two 10 packs (spend $40 or more) I'll find way to you for Free.



Unfortunately once your order has left our warehouse and is in the hands of the courier we no longer have control over its delivery. So in the unfortunate case of a late or missing order we cannot be held responsible, but are more than willing to launch an investigation via that courier into locating the missing goods. In almost all cases these parcels do turn up either back to us or to the intended recipient eventually. So please do not hesitate to contact us if your order has not turned up after at least 10 days and we will check all details and get the investigation process launched for you.