How to Fred Flask - Fred Etiquette

The Fred Flask, your little secret drinking buddy hidden away from public view, is perhaps one of the great unsung fashion accessories a man or woman can carry. Sure, some might think you’re cheap or in need of Alcoholics Anonymous but Fred frees you from ruthless bartenders, overpriced drinks and the laborious task of carrying a traditional metal bulky flask around town. And in uncertain economic times, Fred lets you drink what you want when you want it and with whom you want for less money. Nevertheless, there is such a thing as flask etiquette, which is wise to observe.  Otherwise, honestly, you could go from a smooth weekend warrior, to looking like a  booze-hound in a matter of moments. Get in the spirit - but proceed with caution....

Here are our easy steps to Fred Flask success.

Where to carry Fred?

You have three options as to where to carry your flask.

  1. The first is in a pocket, preferably inside a jacket, which in the modern era hugs your body a little less than your revealing denim.
  2. The second is in your's or a female partners bag. While bag checks are sometimes an issue, your flexible Fred should be easily hidden, put close to a "personal item" and you won't have any problems.
  3. Thirdly, and for ultimate stealth get intimate with Fred and stash your flask close to your private parts (This is only advised when going past a security checkpoint). 

What to fill Fred with?

What you put in your Fred Flask is of equal importance as how you carry the flask. Vodka should be your first choice as it goes down smoothly and can be mixed with almost any soft drink, juice or virgin cocktail. 

Liquors are also a good choice if you're one for shots!  Likewise if you're a man that knows what he wants, fill Fred with whatever floats your boat. 

Where to use Fred?

A flask is a very personal accessory, and there are good times to employ its use and bad times. The obvious times are festivals, nightclubs and at sports when you’re at the mercy of high-priced drinks.  Your cousin’s wedding, although tempting, is not the place for Fred, even if you were allowed a plus one.

Who to share Fred with?

Filling Fred with the best you can afford and carefully stashing it on yourself as a treat and respite to be enjoyed amid this chaotic world then why, like a great cigar, would you ever want to share its contents? OK, so maybe your girlfriend or a very close friend deserves to be included in your little conspiracy against high priced liquor, but that’s it. Sharing the contents of your flask is an almost sacred act of friendship. It’s a moment of true bonding in comradeship that takes a relationship well beyond the ritual of buying a few rounds at the bar. This is a private act of trust.

In saying all this if Fred's purpose is celebration and you're doing a round, prepare with Jaegermeister or Tequila and share that shit!

How to be functional with Fred?

Once you've made Fred's acquaintance, filled him with your favourite booze and stashed ihim somewhere on yourself where you’ll have to wait for the proper moment. Revealing Fred and sharing him with only those you trust is a sacred act - because despite Fred loving a party as much as anyone, he's not about showing off. Using a Fred Flask properly is about quiet sophistication and softening the edges of a tough world with stolen moments among friends, and reminding yourself that you’re not going to let the bar win.