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Have you done the maths on how much a summer of partying costs?

December 14, 2015 Fred Flasks

Now before you jump to conclusions, we're just talking coin - your hard earned cash, and not the punishment you'll put your body through... that unfortunately is inevitable. Because let's face it drinking in the summer sun is just soooo damn good!You can't put a price on fun... but 10 or so sessions on the piss is going to drain your bank account significantly. Let's say you're average is around 10 drinks a night, and throw in a couple of shots, jagerbombs or espresso martinis that we're all to familiar with.You're looking at $1000 minimum, but if you're attending any events or festivals then that's easily...

Game day drinking doesn’t have to start and end at tailgating

September 08, 2015 Fred Flasks

Ever been in the carpark with your buddies and your truck, playing cornhole or beanbag toss or chugging a big fuck-off beer bong, and suddenly get that sick FOMO feeling when you notice everyone reluctantly leaving for the game? I mean, you know deep down, right at the bottom of your heart, that you’d rather be out here smashing PBR’s and sweet talking that smoking Tri Delta blonde then in the bleachers needing to piss and wishing you had more drinks for the rest of this three hour game. If American movies have taught Australian’s one thing, it’s that college...

Spenders for Splendour go wild: Freddy flask in 2000+ potential festival hands this year!

August 31, 2015 Fred Flasks

Spenders for Splendour go wild: Freddy flask in 2000+ potential festival hands this year! [image credit: In-The-Grass-2015 ] To all of you who packed Freddy in your luggage for the ride to Splendour this year, here's an official SPANK YOU for getting our man out and about. We had a record number of purchases (2000+ flasks sold) in the fortnight leading up to Splendour 2015, with people taking the hint from our blog post 'how to pack Freddy on your persons' and getting frisky by gumbooting, jocking, and even uddering dear old Fred (that last technique is copywrite too, motherfuckers). But let's...


July 13, 2015 Fred Flasks

As one of Australia's major festivals is quickly approaching, for those attending we didn't want to leave you having to pay $10+ for a drink, after already forking out hundreds of dollars for the ticket alone.Freddy's all about saving you money, so for the next 3 days (ends midnight on Wednesday) we're giving you Express shipping for only $5 - This costs us $10 alone, that's how bad we want to help you save your hard earned pennies.If you choose to take us up on this offer, we guarantee your new favourite drinking buddy will arrive within 2 business days.Need some extra motivation?...

5 countries with liquor prices cheaper than yours!

June 21, 2015 Fred Flasks

Start drooling like a Labrador and spending like its payday when the clock hits happy hour? Wherever your local is in the world, it is guaranteed somewhere else is selling their firewater for less. Here are countries with liquor prices that are so dirt-cheap a Fred Flasks only use is as a blow up pillow. You'll be changing your occupation to 'illegal alien' and throwing your wallet at their bartenders.  1. Spain: Sangria Running with the Bulls this year? Bravado will get you to the destination, but Sangria is what will get your scared little jelly legs moving when those...