Have you done the maths on how much a summer of partying costs?

Now before you jump to conclusions, we're just talking coin - your hard earned cash, and not the punishment you'll put your body through... that unfortunately is inevitable. Because let's face it drinking in the Summer sun is just soooo damn good!

You can't put a price on fun... but 10 or so sessions on the piss is going to drain your bank account significantly. Let's say you're average is around 10 drinks a night, and throw in a couple of shots, jagerbombs or espresso martinis that we're all to familiar with.

You're looking at $1,000 minimum, but if you're attending any events or festivals then that's easily going to tick over past $1,500.  

Enter your trusty mate Freddy. Grab yourself a 10 pack of our disposable flasks for just $29.99, then pick up 4 or 5 x 700ml bottles (each flask fits 240ml) of your favourite booze and you're cutting your spending down to a total of less than $200 bucks.

That's a huge saving of over $800!

Let's say you would still like a cushion each night of $50 to spend on a couple wines or pots and some mixers then you're still gonna be up $300+ for the summer. We all know that $300 can come in handy here and there.

Still not convinced on old Freddy's saving money successes?

Take a look at how 7 blokes saved over $1500 at Falls Festival last year here.

Or 6 sneaky places to hide your Freddy.

If you've got this far - then here's some extra motivation... Enter code "merryxmas" at checkout for an extra 20% discount!

Merry Christmas Legends!


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